Renault Zoe 2 Arrives With Bigger Batteries

Renault is preparing to launch the second generation of electric city car, the Zoe. Renault has designed this ‘Zoe 2’ to compete head on with the European popular, Volkswagen e UP! And the recently launched Peugeot e-208.

Renault has promised longer driving pleasure with the use of bigger batteries withour moving the selling price by more than 1000 euros. The new battery pack will follow the current trend of increasing battery life. Also, if a 40 kWh model already exists today, it should gain about 10 kWh (to about 50 kWh) which should increase the driving distance of about 80 km (WLTP cycle). Therefore, the total driving distance of the Zoe 2 should exceed 400 km which is about current industry requirements.

Current 2019 Zoe and its power-unit

According to the latest figures provided by Renault, a record 39,458 Zoe’s were sold in 2018.  More information will be shared after its launch this week.

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