Mission E meets 911 E

E-mobility from Porsche? This has been part of Porsche for more than 50 years already. The Porsche 911 E of 1968 offered power and efficiency thanks to the injection system. Now it meets the Mission E concept car. Is this a classic of tomorrow?

PRESS Release: If all the Porsche cars that followed had remained on the same track that the fans in 1965 still believed to be the ideal – nobody would be talking about the Zuffenhausen brand any more.

From 1965 to today

The Porsche 356 with its sophisticated four-cylinder flat engine was once considered THE Porsche, while the 911 was seen as a betrayal. That’s not a “real” Porsche, sniffed the defenders of tradition. Today, even the strictest purists see it differently. Whether that will one day be the case with the Taycan, we do not know. But as proven fans of the classic, let’s at least give the newcomer a chance to show its similarities with the car that rolled into the showrooms of Porsche dealerships 51 years ago. And if you look closely, that’s much more than just the “E” in the name of the Mission E concept car.

Having said that, the E is an expression of what both stand for: efficiency. In the middle of 1968 – for model year 1969 – the Porsche 911 E replaced the Porsche 911 L. The most important aspect of the “new” model: the mechanical Bosch intake manifold injection system, which raised the engine power from 130 to 140 hp. At 175 Nm, the torque remained virtually unchanged, but kicked in a little earlier. More horsepower per kilogram of unladen weight made for a more relaxed performance in the luxury sports car, which only a little later responded to the desire for more space in the interior with an extended wheelbase.

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