Renault Clio hybrid needs no plugs

The all new Renault Clio now comes with a full hybrid powertrain for 2020. This variant will be called E-Tech and it has a unique selling proposition. The engine has been developed and patented by Renault engineering. It uses a 1.6-liter new-generation petrol engine of Nissan origin which has been reworked specifically for Renault. It works with two electric motors. These motors will be powered by a 1.2 kWh battery that will recharge during deceleration phases.

External charging not needed?

Given the capacity of the battery, it will not be necessary to connect the Clio E-Tech for any external recharging. This limits the full electric drive to just 5 km but Renault makes it clear that their decision is for hybrid driving that will be used primarily in the city. Thanks to the “fast” charge of its battery, this Clio can charge up and drive for about 80% of the time in electric mode at city speeds. The system also consists of a multimode gearbox. The power output for the Clio is estimated at 130hp.

Other engines

Yet to be officially launched, Renault has not confirmed prices and full lineup specs.

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