McLaren planning for 18 new vehicles…….but No SUV!

McLaren is preparing to release 18 new vehicles between now and 2025 and none of them will be a SUV despite pressure from nearly all of its competitors who have entered the lucrative SUV market. Given that the brand’s current production output is 4,500 units per year or about 20 to 22 cars per day, this presents a clear need for an increase in capacity.

One of those new vehicles will be a successor vehicle to the McLaren P1, which was a plug-in hybrid sports car with a highly limited production run of 375 units that were built between 2013 and 2015.

Only Ferrari seems to be a competitor without a SUV as yet but plans are on its way to build the first Ferrari SUV before 2021 and Rolls Royce is seeing high demand for its Cullinan SUV despite its boxy hearse looking profile as a new group of younger buyers walk into their showroom with too much money in their bank accounts.

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