Dieselgate Update: Audi AG Accepts Maximum Penalty + EUR 795 Million Fine

The Munich II public prosecutor today issued an administrative order against AUDI AG in its capacity as affected party in the context of deviations from regulatory requirements in certain V6 and V8 diesel aggregates and diesel vehicles manufactured or distributed by AUDI AG.

The administrative order provides for a fine of EUR 800 million in total (EUR 5 million maximum penalty + EUR 795 million repayment of illegally obtained wealth)
According to the findings of the investigation carried out, monitoring duties had been breached in the “emissions service / power engine approval” organizational unit in the context of the monitoring of vehicles regarding their regulatory conformity.

According to the results obtained by the Munich II public prosecutor, these breaches of monitoring duties were concurrent causes of certain V6 and V8 diesel aggregates developed by AUDI AG not meeting regulatory requirements; also, AUDI AG failed to discover that diesel engines of the types EA 288 (Gen3), in the United States and in Canada, and EA 189, world-wide, that were produced by Volkswagen AG were advertised, sold to customers, and placed on the market with an impermissible software function in the period from 2004 and continuing to have an effect until 2018.