Really Cheap Luxury Cars On Sale……..Hoax Or Not?

The past two days we have been forwarded this video numerous times by various friend’s, family and message groups asking us the same few questions.

  1. Do these cars really belong to ‘lost’ political followers? Our ANSWER. “Are we linked to the road transport department database to verify the owners name”.
  2. Are the selling prices really that good and should we buy? Our ANSWER. “Check the online classifieds and you will find similar looking cars are selling at the same price or maybe even lower”.
  3. What do you think is the condition of these cars? Our ANSWER. “How can we determine the condition when have have not driven the cars, looked under the hood and checked the interior”.

Think about it……its just a 1 minute plus video showing some cars in a lot with some person jabbering along about its price and supposed condition. Also, would political followers with bags of ‘dirty’ money be driving 10-15-year old luxury cars? All the cars in the video are old and most of them are not even eligible for a car loan. It will have to be a cash buy if you want one.