Luxgen In Malaysia?

We spotted this rather unusual SUV on the road carrying the name plate Luxgen.

Have you heard of the automotive brand Luxgen? Luxgen Motor Co., Ltd. Is a Taiwanese automaker headquartered in Sanyi, Miaoli, Taiwan, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Yulon Motor. It was founded in January 2009 and its vehicles have been manufactured in Hangzhou, China by Dongfeng Yulon since late-2010.

However this SUV is not a REAL Luxgen. It is actually a 2nd generation Toyota Harrier that carries Luxgen badges. This Harrier owner just replaced the badges, masked the tail-lamps, painted the SUV in a two tone colour & added some chrome stripping along the window line and between the roof and the body to give a new look. Quite clever actually.

Founded in 1949, Yulon Group’s main business is research, development and production of automobiles, textiles, information technology and research, development, production of high technology products, Yulon Group’s car manufacturing business started in 1953 and has grown steadily over time to become a major auto manufacturer. Most Taiwanese factories in Taiwan, mainland China and the Philippines have supplied the domestic market with over 2 million high quality vehicles, produced in partnership with Nissan, Mitsubishi, GM, Chrysler, Mercedes Benz and some other brands.