BMW M3 E30 Prices have gone insanely high

How much would you pay for a mint condition BMW E30 M3…say a 1989 model with very low mileage (about 35,000 miles) and driven with love and handled with care for the last 29 years? Well, the previous asking price was in the region of RM150,000 with taxes paid and there were buyers waiting with cash.

Now comes news of the mint condition white E30 M3 well looked after by a Japanese and also American owner during its lifetime that was just sold for RM400,000 plus in America……….this is the price before our local taxes are added on. Yes, even old cars imported into Malaysia needs to be taxed when shipped in……not much but there is a taxable value.


With prices like this we need to inform current BMW E30 M3 owners to sell sell sell their cars unless they want to hold and see how much higher prices can go…..which we think is simply insane.